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My Favorite Sites

Though, I like and praise every sites because behind them a lot of relentless work and efforts attempted. But following are the sites, which I like very much. And, I am sure you will surely go there.

Winamp : I think Winamp website need no introduction. It is the only free mp3 player which can truly fulfill your dreams to have a unique and sophisticated music system on your PC.

 Google : I know you can not live without Google. Try it here too. 



Uttarakhand : So finally, we have now separate state. Govt. given the name it as "Uttaranchal". And being an Uttaranchally,  I hope and pray that it will be one of the best state of India in the future. In you will find wealth of information about our Garhwal/Kumaon and other parts of Uttaranchal. It is one of the best site ever made for us. : Formarly known as, this is a simply great and most happening auction site now a days. Here you can have newest and almost every item that you use everyday and have for pea nuts. I am most frequent there too. What else I can say just go there because 'see it to believe it'.

Garhwali Songs

Awaaz ki duniya ke doston!! I am glad that you made it and reached here. So much got changed since I made this site and even updated this particular page. Now, there is so much available on Garhwal these days on internet. You guys have to do little effort some basic search and Voila! Find below a link which contains all your favourite songs. Hope you will enjoy them. Happy listening.

Hit Garhwali Songs

My favourite Uttrakhandi Singer Shri Chander Singh Rahi Songs. I hope you will surely like them

Click here for immortal Chander Singh Rahi songs

My younger brother is very good keyboard player. He created some very catching midi songs from old films. I have given links below from his best collection. Hope you guys would love to hear them.

Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu (Evergreen song sung by Kishore Da)
Pyar Diwana Hota Hai (Kishore Da once again!)
Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai (I think we can say this whole album devoted to Kishore Da)
Ye Sham Mastani (This one is last song but not least in anyway)


As I have already mentioned on my homepage that I am average Indian with average everything. There is nothing specific to be mentioned or highlighted about me. Anyway if you are willing to look at it, I have provided a latest resume link of mine below, please feel free to download/print/save it. Should you require more info, please do not hesitate to contact me at my E-mail :;

Please click here to download my recent resume - (104 KB)